Contemporary Canadian Hate Groups

Canadian hate groups known to be active or recently active.


Atalante is a Québec City-based far-right skinhead group that promotes a worldview deeply rooted in white nationalism. Members of Atalante have been linked to acts of physical violence against individuals they deemed to be ‘anti-fascists’. The group is well known for participating in stunts, putting up posters and sometimes engaging in acts of charity in order to attract public support. The group’s leader was convicted of breaking and entering and mischief in 2022, years after performing a stunt targeting a Vice journalist who had written about Atalante.

Atalante logo: A vertical lightning bolt two layered circles around it.  6 pins aiming towards the centre with rounded ends, as if to resemble a ship's wheel.

Canada First

Canada First is a white supremacist group which developed as an offshoot of the American Groyper movement. Deeply rooted in Internet culture, the group actively promotes the radicalization of young people’ in order to bring about a white ethnostate in Canada. Memes are a key tool in this process. The term Canada First signifies their opposition to all forms of immigration, and regularly invokes antisemitic dog whistles about ‘globalist’ influence over Canadian politics. Canada First members were active participants in the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. One member had previously been charged with assault with a weapon after throwing gravel at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

‘Canada First’ is also a slogan that predates the group. This slogan has also been adapted into a variety of different symbols, most notably the Canada First flag, which features the letters C and F in large bolded script and a maple leaf inside of the C.

The Canada First flag, which features the letters C and F in large bolded script and a maple leaf inside of the C. Letters are white on a red background.

Canadian Nationalist Party

The Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist political party that was founded in 2017. The CNP opposes the Canadian Multiculturalism Act and proposes defunding pride parades and establishing a mandatory national curriculum based on “European and Christian values.” The CNP regularly uses fascist imagery in their materials. In 2019 the CNP achieved registered federal party status from Elections Canada, and has since run candidates in the 2019 and 2021 elections. In 2021 the CNP’s leader was arrested by the RCMP and charged with the wilful promotion of hate, for which he was sentenced to a year in prison.

A red logo of a maple leaf above the letters "CNP".


Diagolon refers to a network of Canadian far-right activists formed around a collective of antisemitic streamers. It also refers to a fictional country spanning from Alaska to Florida, envisioned as a tongue-in-cheek symbol for political jurisdictions with fewer COVID-related public health restrictions.

Diagolon’s ideologues espouse antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, homophobia, and misogyny. The network is influenced by firearms culture, militia movements, and accelerationist movements. Diagolon is represented in a number of symbols, the most prevalent of which is "Ol' Slashy", a black flag with a white diagonal stripe from the top left to the bottom right.

A framed print of a squared Diagolon flag. It sits on a stained wooden surface and large plants are behind it.


The Hammerskins are an international group that started in the United States in 1988 as a Nazi skinhead gang. They are one of the oldest white supremacist skinhead groups in North America, and have had a presence in Canada since founding. They are associated primarily with racist rock music, and individual members have been involved in numerous violent attacks and hate crimes. Hammerskins are still active in Canada.

The Hammerskins logo: A cog behind two crossed hammers, filled in red, black and white. The left side of the cog is black, the right side red, and the rest of it is white.

La Meute

La Meute (the wolf pack) is an Islamophobic hate group founded in 2015, which grew in the wake of public fears regarding asylum seekers in the latter half of the 2010s. One of the most visible groups participating in a series of demonstrations at the infamous ‘Roxham Road’ border crossing, the group eventually fell apart due to infighting. Prominent members of the group have gone on to be active in the anti-mask and anti-vaccination movement during the COVID-19 pandemic. In recent months, there have been rumors of an attempted comeback, though this has yet to materialize in a meaningful way.

A wolf paw above the text "LA MEUTE".

National Citizen's Alliance

The National Citizen’s Alliance is a minor federal political party that promotes white nationalist, nativist, and Islamophobic conspiracy theories. The party has unsuccessfully run candidates in several recent elections.

A maple leaf with N, C, and A on it. The top tip of the leaf and the C is blue. Above text reads "CANADIANS", below reads "FIRST".

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