A drawing of Anders Breivik Standing in front of a sonnenrad. Below, the death rune is present and text reads 'Let the Saints guide you'.

In “Siege Culture”, an accelerationist neo-Nazi subculture, “sainthood” refers to an expanding pantheon of historic murderers who are treated as icons. The reverence of these figures is an accelerationist tactic used to inspire potential killings in the future. The practice was inspired by Siege’s calls for neo-Nazis to look for Charles Manson for inspiration. Although Manson and most other “saints” were influenced by white supremacy, mass murders in the name of other far-right ideologies - most often anti-governement and incel killings - are sometimes considered to be worthy of “sainthood”, as they benefit the movement’s goals. Memes praising “saints” such as Timothy Mcveigh, Ted Kaczynski, Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof, and Brenton Tarrant - as well as the days in which their murders were committed - are common in accelerationist neo-Nazi social media spaces.

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