Explicit Hate

Symbols, terms, phrases, and referenced themes whose appearance is unambiguously linked to the promotion of hateful views. Outside of education and commemoration, their use is almost exclusively limited to the promotion of hate.

109 Countries

Also appears as: 110 Countries

“109 countries” is reference to an antisemitic myth that Jews have historically been expelled from 109 countries. The myth is persistent in conspiratorial antisemitic movements, and the idea that malicious Jewish conduct has led to widespread rejection is used to promote a white nationalist narrative that Jewish exile or genocide are necessary.

The phrase is sometimes censored on social media for hate speech and disinformation, however, references to the concept that use coded language, such as referencing “the 110th country” in future-tense can be more difficult to moderate.

Long-necked drooling Wojak: "wow so you're antisemitic for no reason?" A wall of Yes Chads facing her, representing crusaders, Priests, and a soldier, respond, "No, we have 109 reasons why." 109 is an antisemitic dogwhistle that refers to a conspiracy that Jews have been exiled from 109 countries.


Number codes like 13/50 are used by white supremacists to perpetuate a racist myth that black people are inherently prone to crime or violence. 13/50 is a code for the false claim that Black Americans commit 50% of violence crime despite making up 13% of the population. The percentages and the slogan often appear in similar numbers like 14% and 51%, respectively. Because they are coded, they can appear in memes that do not immediately appear to be hateful to those unfamiliar with them.

A flag with 50 in a blue square in the top-left corner and 13 in red on the right side.

6 Gorillion

‘Six Gorillion’ is mocking reference to the six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany in the Holocaust. The term exists to emphasize an antisemitic narrative that the number six million was fabricated, and that Jews use that figure as a rhetorical shield and justification for alleged machinations. It is used in antisemitic memes to deny, distort, or mock the Holocaust and the memorial culture that surrounds it.

A Star of David over the One Ring from a still of Lord of the Rings. It is surrounded by 'Muh greatest ally', 'multiculturalism', 'race mixing', 'six gorillions', 'communism', 'Palestine never existed', 'Homosexual marriage', 'open borders' and 'Jews are always the victim'.

6 Million?

"6 Million?" is a meme that calls into question the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust. Some Holocaust deniers and distorters will concede that Jews were killed by the Nazi regime and their collaborators, but will attempt to use sophistry and disinformation to undermine widely documented and accepted historical facts.

A picture of Pawn Star's Rick Harrison, with text above that reads "6 million? Best I can do is 200 ad I'm taking a huge risk with that number..."


6MWE stands for “Six Million Wasn’t Enough”. It is an antisemitic slogan known for its use by the Proud Boys. The phrase plays off of tropes in modern Holocaust celebration, lamenting that the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust was only part of an incomplete solution and that more Jews need to die in addition to those who perished in the Holocaust.

Black t-shirt. "6MWE" is printed on it above an eagle perched on a set of fasces. Both are printed in yellow.

Alphabet People

An expression used in online hate to refer to and dehumanize 2SLGBTQA+ people. The term pokes fun at the length of the acronym which is used to include non-heterosexual and non-cisgender identities.

A graphic showing rapper Da Baby, dressed in a diaper, next to a crying wojak. On the left, text reads 'The Alphabet Boys Check Da Baby'.


Amerimutt is a meme character originating from the 4chan board "/pol/", which appears frequently in memes mocking multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, and so-called "race-mixing". It it sometimes used by ethnonationalists to ridicule nationalists whose politics are less extreme than theirs, on the basis that they are not really "white".

A smelly Amerimutt holding a smelly American flag says "Let me tell u about what parts of the world are white......"

Anders Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik is a Norwegian neo-Nazi domestic terrorist and the perpetrator of two attacks that killed 77 people in 2011. He is currently serving a 21 year sentence in prison for these actions. Since the attacks, Breivik has become a symbol for neo-Nazis, some of whom hail him as a Saint alongside other white supremacist mass killers. He was notably cited by the Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant as a source of inspiration.

See also: Sainthood

On a wooden floor are white cutouts with the letters "END ZOG". The "O" in ZOG is replaced by a Star of David. A Nazi-style Celtic cross is drawn on it. Many words are written without letters.


"Anti-antifa" is a common dogwhistle for the promotion of fascism. Antifa stands for "Anti-fascist", implicating the double negative suffix "anti-antifa" as "fascist".

Antifa is also a loosely used term associated with anti-fascist and sometimes broader anti-racist groups. As most antifascist groups and activists are politically leftist, "anti-antifa" branding is sometimes marketed as anti-leftist, rather than pro-fascist. This strategy has been used historically to push neofascist movements to mainstream appeal, such as the explicitly neo-Nazi Rock Against Communism movement that positioned white power rock music as though it was primarily anti-communist rather than white supremacist.

A sticker on a cement post that says "LOVE ANIMALS HATE ANTIFA". After the word HATE is an SS totenkopf.


Anti-white is a label used by white nationalists and other white supremacist hate movements to describe policies that favour diversity and immigration. They are often used in the context of references to the Great Replacement conspiracy theory, which alleges that whites are being oppressed and ultimately replaced in Western countries through immigration. The term aims to create the perception that there exists a global threat against whiteness, as well as to downplay racism against marginalized communities.

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