109 Countries

Long-necked drooling Wojak: "wow so you're antisemitic for no reason?" A wall of Yes Chads facing her, representing crusaders, Priests, and a soldier, respond, "No, we have 109 reasons why." 109 is an antisemitic dogwhistle that refers to a conspiracy that Jews have been exiled from 109 countries.

Also appears as: 110 Countries

“109 countries” is reference to an antisemitic myth that Jews have historically been expelled from 109 countries. The myth is persistent in conspiratorial antisemitic movements, and the idea that malicious Jewish conduct has led to widespread rejection is used to promote a white nationalist narrative that Jewish exile or genocide are necessary.

The phrase is sometimes censored on social media for hate speech and disinformation, however, references to the concept that use coded language, such as referencing “the 110th country” in future-tense can be more difficult to moderate.

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