A meme showing a character assumed to be female in a straightjacket and with an 'indoctrination machine' attached to her head, which itself is attached to trans-pride coloured cables, and says 'Thank you Dr. Soystein... I am not a cute aspie waifu... I am... a boy.' She is being held there by a nefarious looking character wearing a hooded cape and whose face is the colour of the transgender flags and Pride flags - he is labelled globohomo. In an adjacent room, a Pepe is seen tapping on a window in anger, cracking it.

Globohomo is a term used by white nationalists and other hate movements to refer to conspiracy theories alleging the existence of a global plot to promote the so-called "LGBTQ+ agenda" and groom youth into identifying as part of the community. These conspiracy theories are oftentimes antisemitic.

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