Canada’s Hate Symbol List

Warning: This resource contains examples of hate targeting a number of communities.

Canada’s Hate Symbol List is a reference for helping identify the symbols, slogans, icons, and characters that often appear in the expression of hatred, online and off. Some listed symbols are associated with internet memes while others predate social media.

The symbols are divided into categories that reflect the ambivalent and contextual usage of specific examples.

We further define each symbol as a meme, a coopted symbol, or a conspiracy theory. We use a broad definition of meme, which includes slogans and codes, in addition to image macros found online.

These lists are continually updated, and should not be considered comprehensive. Suggestions for future inclusions can be sent to neuberger [at]

French translations of each symbol will be available in November 2022.

Hatepedia was produced by the Online Hate Research and Education Project, which is an initiative of the Holocaust Education Centre. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at neubeger [at]

Hatepedia and OHREP have been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

Hatepedia et OHREP a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.