Internet Memes with Hateful Uses

Ambiguous meme characters and devices which are not inherently hateful, but are sometimes used to spread hatred online, and often have origins in hateful spaces.

Anton Chigurh

Anton Chigurh is the antagonist in the 2007 film No Country for Old Men, portrayed by Javier Bardem who has become a meme character. Chigurh memes find use in hateful contexts, where they can be used to express disillusion with the current state of the world and to celebrate or encourage violence, reflecting the actions of the character in the film.

Screenshots of two Google search results: "The Safest States in America", and "States with the highest percentage of White Americans, as of 2007". The same three states are displayed for each. Below, a still from the film No Country for Old Men with the antagonist smirking.

Art Hoe Wojak

Art Hoe Wojak is a meme character depicting a young woman, typically sporting red hair, round frame glasses, and a choker necklace. The character embodies a stereotypical, university-aged, politically progressive young woman, and it is sometimes used in dehumanizing and misogynistic memes that mock women who do not conform to traditional gendered expectations and roles.

A crying art hoe wojak who says 'Noooo! You can't make me drive 2 hours to a different state if I want to have my 4th abortion.'

Day of the Rake/The Leaf

A meme referencing the Day of the Rope that originated on 4chan, where “leaf” is slang for a Canadian user. Day of the Rake memes are an ironic call for violence against Canadians, often invoking imagery of leaves being burned or scattered.

A Pepe rakes an anthropomorphized maple leaf typing at a keyboard. Text above reads "DAY OF THE RAKE".


Gigachad is a meme character based on a series of heavily modified greyscale photographs by Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis. Similar to Yes Chad, Gigachad is used to express support or praise for one’s politics or actions in some hateful memes. The Gigachad is also used in non-hateful contexts to satirize an “optimized”, or efficient and productive person.

The character often personifies a extreme perception of traditional masculinity. For example, within incel communities Gigachad can be used to represent genetic superiority and desirability. White supremacists sometimes use Gigachad as an avatar for themselves, their movement, or white men more generally.

A venn diagram with three circles, which are labelled 'Holocaust denial', 'COVID denial', and 'Climate change denial'. In the middle is a grinning man with a grotequely large chin and long neck..


Joker is a villain from the Batman franchise. The character is often depicted in various movies, television shows, and comics as a nihilistic, destructive, and violent figure. He is used as a meme character in hateful contexts to express discontent with the world, sometimes to celebrate or encourage acts of political violence. There are numerous meme formats that include the Joker character, not all of which are inherently hateful. Context and conveyed message need to be carefully considered when evaluating such memes.

An example of the Joker being used as a hateful meme character was when it was coopted by Gamers Rise Up, a movement that started as a satirization of Gamergate that relied on using alt-right tropes and aesthetics, and which openly spread hate speech.

Above, a tweet from a user which says 'It literally costs $0.00 to not say the fucking n word'. Below, a still from the Dark Knight in which the Joker says 'It's not about money, it's about sending a message.'

Lord Humungous

A meme that emerged from 4chan using food price disinformation to promote an accelerationist collapse narrative. Memes that included Lord Humungous, a minor character from Mad Max 2 (1981), challenge users to post real food prices. Although the character Lord Humungous and the narrative are not inherently antisemitic, they are sometimes posted alongside antisemitic content.

Shot where a muscular shirtless man with Hockey Mask points towards the camera. Caption reads "THE PRICES RISE".

Mommy E-Thot

Mommy E-Thot is a meme character that is often depicted with a frustrated face and dressed in a tank top adorned with her name. Her likeness suggests a condemnation of perceived promiscuity, and is used in hateful memes to promote misogyny, particularly against sex workers.

A white-skinned cartoon woman with a tight tank top that says "MOMMY E-THOT" on it. She is grimacing.

NPC (Non-Playable Character)

NPC (Non-Playable Character) memes emerged in 2016 on 4Chan. In video games, an NPC is a character that the player interacts with, but cannot play as. NPCs often have limited vocabularies, and exist for the main character to interact with and forward their story. Calling someone an NPCs is an insult used to dehumanize people by representing them as unimportant, irrelevant, and unoriginal. In hate speech, this intentionally dehumanizes the target. In far-right online spaces, NPCs are used to depict people who embrace progressive political beliefs or those uninitiated into online culture.

The image shows an IQ Bell curve, labelled 'Who runs the system?'. On the left, in order, two unintelligent looking wojaks say 'it's white people' and 'it's the government, respectively. Atop, a group of NPCs say 'the banks' and 'the media'. On the right, Joseph Goebels says 'it's the Jews'.
NPCs (center) surrounded by a drooling Wojak (left).


Also appears as: Nu-Male Mouth or Cuckface

Soyjak is a version of a Wojak meme, often used to mock participants in niche subcultures. In far-right hate memes, soyjaks represent men that are portrayed as less masculine than they are, including “soyboys” and “white knights”. In the collection of websites, blogs, and forums promoting toxic masculinity and misogyny known as the manosphere, this often means “beta” or “omega” males, who they believe are inferior to “alpha” and “sigma” males.

Soyjaks, along with the “soy boy” stereotype they represent in web comics, are a fictitious and theoretical lower class of men. Rather than traditionally masculine tropes like “Chads,” soy boys are often negatively associated with femininity, homosexuality, and gender fluidity. In far-right online spaces the caricature is used to represent the emotional expression of men made to be emasculated. There are variations of the Soyjak meme with different facial expressions, such as variations of an open-mouthed smile known as “soy face.”

Soyjak filled in with a solid yellow colour in front of the maple leaf on the Canadian flag. A soyjak is a wojak making a "soyface" or "nu-male mouth" expression.

Tradwife Wojak

Also appears as: Tradgirl

Tradwife is a meme character exemplifying the concept of a woman with a preference for traditional gender roles. Though the concept itself is not hateful, it is a central trope for many hateful ideologies which promote a strict adherence to traditionalism. In hateful memes, Tradwife is often used to provide a positive contrast to Mommy E-Thot characters, which are more often than not depicted as promiscuous and immoral.

A tradwife wojak: Plain expression, white skin, a blouse with white flowers on it, and long blond hair.


Also appears as: Feels Guy

Wojak is a meme character portraying a bald man with a sad facial expression. It is often used to represent negative or melancholy feelings. The simple template of Wojak has resulted in numerous variations and iterations, and the character has numerous non-hateful uses, but it does also regularly appear in hateful spaces.

A plain wojak complaining about "destruction of Europen heritage" and an upset wojak taking off a hammer and sickle mask to reveal a rainbow+trans flag with corperate and federal government logos.

Yes Chad

Also appears as: Nordic Gamer

Yes Chad is a meme comic character used to represent “Chads” in web comics and is most often representative of a stubborn, hypermasculine indifference or evasion in response to criticism. In hateful memes, this criticism is usually moral opposition to bigotry. Traditionally, Yes Chad responds to long text blocks from other characters, including NPCs, Wojaks, and Soyjaks, by saying “yes”. He is usually blond-haired and blue-eyed and in a specific context can represent white men specifically. Variations are sometimes used to represent specific ethnicities, and often serve to reinforce and promote existing stereotypes or racial hierarchies.

A Yes Chad: A blond haired, bearded, and mustached pale man. This one is wearing red plaid and has a "Leaf" tattoo on his neck to demonstrate that he is Canadian.

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